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A Sexy Way to Cook

Mundane tasks don’t have to be boring. We all can use a little bit more spice and a little bit more sexy in everything we do—including cooking.

So get the stove ready. Prepare the ingredients.  Today's the day you take out your most treasured, almost unused quality dinnerware.

Don't forget about the food.  Steak, please. Today is not the day for kale.

Time to focus on the ambiance. Turn on the music. Put a bit of bossa nova or a sultry 70s ballad. Maybe  even tango  or RnB to set the mood.  No Marvin Gaye, yet— no other music oozes with more sexy, but we’ll save that probably for later. As you dance and swoon, you might be a semi-trance, moved by the music and everything it represents.

You’d probably want to take a shower after everything is in the stove, but that’s no reason to not feel sexy now. The simplest and most effective way is to wear a sexy apron. You can be sexy, kinky even and are limited by your imagination.

As you continue preparing the food, think of the wine.  Will it be Merlot or Sauvignon?  Or maybe the Pinot Noir?

Finally after cooking for everything, time to harness your inner seductress. Dress in your sexiest dinner attire and wait for your partner.

Pretty soon it might be time for Marvin Gaye’s music. Otherwise there’s always Netflix.


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