Hold The Line - Love Is For Everybody

Hold The Line

Nowadays people are singing along to Africa, an 80s’ era hit from the band Toto.  And rightly so: it has an infectious chorus and lyrics ( “I bless the rains in Africa”), and it’s a number one classic.

There is another song from Toto, though that strikes a chord for me--one that resonates whenever I think about relationships, both mine and others’. It’s the song “Hold the Line.”

"Hold the line. Love doesn't always come on time."

“Hold the line, Love isn’t always on time.” I find myself quoting this line to friends who complain about or wonder why they are single. Or why their relationships have been disappointing.

For example:

I’ve dated lots of guys, but they’ve all turned out to be jerks. “Hold the line…”

I’ve given my everything to him, and it turns out he’s nothing but a worthless cheat. “Hold the line…”

I’m tired of spending  Friday and Saturday nights alone with nothing but Netflix and my books.  “Hold the line…”

I’m tired of being cold in winter. “Hold the line…”

I’ve been buying him ice cream since third grade, but he doesn’t even want to hang out with me. “ Hold the line…”

I’ve kissed a lot of frogs, but not one has turned into my prince charming. “Hold the line…”

And the list goes on and on.

Hold the line is a plea to be steadfast. Don’t grab the next guy that comes alone just because you fear no one else is coming.

Hold the line is a plea to never tolerate abuse, just because someone made you think you’re unworthy of love.

Hold the line is a plea to be happy for family and friends who’ve found love. Don't be bitter. And enjoy the wedding, if invited.

Hold the line is a plea to never lose hope. That amidst all the chaos there is beauty and there is love.

“Hold the line. Love doesn’t always come on time. “