Love Is For Everybody

Love Is For Everybody​​​

Love is for everybody is a site that believes that everybody deserves love, regardless of age, race, gender, or past.

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When Should You Love Him?
When should you love him?Love when it is difficult, not convenientLove even if he violently slurps spaghetti and splatters sauce[...]
Can You Die of A Broken Heart?
Can you really die of a broken heart?Science says you can, but only indirectly. But tell that to someone who[...]
Is Your Smell Powerful Enough to Attract A Mate?
Can you attract potential mates based on your smell? The popular product Axe seems to think so. It’s become part[...]
Greatest Love Stories: Robert and Elizabeth Browning
He is considered one of history's greatest generals. And she was the widow who captured his heart. The passion and[...]

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