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Is Your Smell Powerful Enough to Attract A Mate?

Can you attract potential mates based on your smell? The popular product Axe seems to think so. It’s become part of their brand: after using Axe, an ordinary (even ugly) guy is suddenly chased by a horde of attractive women.  We all know it’s exaggerated, but it’s image is powerful enough that men hope it is real. The nose after all, is a powerful organ.

Humans associate smells with certain emotions. The ocean breeze may relax. The smell of your mom’s cooking may bring comfort. The cologne of your hated teacher may cause fear. The familiar scent of a lover may excite you. It may also  give your stomach butterflies.

This is what companies like Axe are banking on. It’s a wonder scent. Or a wonder drug, like a super soldier serum that turns lanky Steve Rogers into hunky Captain America. They’re marketing the idea that their perfume can turn anyone into a chick magnet.

And maybe it does. It is possible that smelling good makes a man more confident, thus projecting this to the girls around her. If you smell good, that is one less reason to feel self-conscious. You don’t have to wonder if you needed a double dose of that deodorant. No amount of confidence can mask bad odor. And it is difficult to feel sexy when you stink.

That perfume is probably the thing that separates the boys from the men.

If a girl had a happy childhood and the guy smells like her dad, there is a chance that she finds him  more attractive. On the other hand, if her dad was a lousy father, the guy needs a new perfume.

There’s even a poll that claims that women think a scent from Dior is the sexiest, best smelling cologne for men. The key, the study claims is not to find a cologne that smells good to men, but one that makes women wild. Many women of course, wear perfume to enhance romantic evenings. Sure you can be sexy even as you prepare dinner, but nothing compares to the right scent. The scent of a woman’s perfume can drive some men mad with desire.

A good-smelling man is a confident man.

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Beyond perfumes and colognes, there are also pheromones. A pheromone is a chemical that an animal produces which changes the behavior of another animal of the same species. 

There is no conclusive scientific proof that smelling a particular way can make you more attractive. There are studies that suggest it does, but none has come out with enough compelling, overwhelming, and definitive proof that pheromones work in humans.  Smaller studies have been encouraging, though. In one 2005 study, gay men given anonymous samples of sweat preferred the scent of gay men, and heterosexual men fancied the scent of women.

In another study researchers at the University of Chicago claimed that the menstruation of a group of women gets affected by scents of sweat from other women. They claim that menstrual cycles of the group shift depending on how close to ovulating the sweat’s sources were. Unfortunately, succeeding tests did not corroborate initial findings.

Still this absence of definitive proof about the effect of pheromones does not dissuade many people. After all, scientists know pheromones play a significant part in other animals’ sex and mating rituals.  If animals can attract mates with their smell, it might as well work for humans. Doesn’t it?

So how about you? Have you smelled someone lately?


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