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The Trophy Wife or Girlfriend

Guys dream of winning the heart of the most beautiful and popular girls. Most, however, will remain content with daydreaming. If you’re short on resources and good looks, you’ll probably just sigh and remind yourself that she’s out of your league.

Then there are the daring ones. Guys who will use everything in their power to capture the girl, shortage on good looks or resources notwithstanding. He will send the most fragrant flowers, the most luxurious presents. He will devote a major part of his life to the chase.

The beautiful, like all of us, have a craving to be loved.

Yet what do some guys do after winning her heart? Nothing.

Well, close to nothing. He’ll proudly tell the world of his triumph and display her as a hard-won prize. He hopes to be the envy of his friends--a man among men with his own Helen of Troy. He reduces her to an exhibit like an expensive toy, encased in a glass cabinet for everyone to admire. In short a trophy.

That may be fine except that beautiful people need attention too. They need love. Like all of us, she craves to be appreciated.

Being ignored is a sad way to live. But should she do? If the guy would rather hang out with the boys than take her to dinner? If the guy would rather go on questionable business trips alone than with her? If the guy is more excited about Vegas’ Burning Man than a couple’s trip to Europe?

Maybe love will keep her holding on. Maybe pride. Maybe a naivete that things will improve. And maybe she just says enough is enough.

Beautiful women, like everybody else need to be loved. And being just a trophy means never being happy.


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