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Why Are You Still Single?

The holidays are approaching,  along with the reunions,  and soon an intrusive aunt or someone will ask the inevitable: why are you still single?

Fortunately the answers are as varied as their question is insensitive.

  • Busy with career. You’re so busy climbing the corporate ladder and making money that you don’t need the heavy weight of a relationship.
  • Haven’t found the right person. It’s better for you to be alone than in a miserable relationship. Tell them you'd rather be single than tolerating abuse or be someone's financial crutch.
  • No intention to get into relationships. You just want to be alone, like an urban hermit who shuns relationships.
  • You’re looking for a “bookmate.” You’re looking for one who shares your love of books of the same genre. That you’re looking for someone who’s reading comprehension is not limited to newspaper comics or the sports section.
  • You love sleep. You’d rather sleep peacefully than wake up beside a drooling, snoring guy. 
  • Mae West is an inspiration. Harness your inner Mae West and quote her:  I am single because I was born that way.

You can also say that you’re part of the 45% of people who are single in America. And that the median age for a first marriage for women is 27.4. If you’re older than this, sulk not. Tell them that you’re worth the wait. For a little more shock value, you can also add that no relationship does not necessarily mean no sex. End that with a mischievous smile.

It's better to be single than be in an abusive relationship.

It’s really nobody’s business if you’re alone, whether by choice or force of circumstances. You shouldn’t be pressured by society’s norms. Being single is not a disgrace--in some cases it can be a gift, too. It affords you time to know yourself better. Netflix and chill can still be done alone or if you’re up to it, invite someone. (Just note that you have to share the nachos.) You can travel anywhere without thinking whether your partner is available or willing to go. In short, there are a lot of things you can do if you’re unattached. And being single can be fun.

The next time you’re asked if you’re single, you can either smile and give them a lame excuse. Or If you’re in no mood to share the holiday cheers, just tell your aunt or whoever asks bluntly: You’re single because you don’t want to end up like her--an inquisitive, insensitive b*tch who craves company in her misery.

I bet she won't ask again. Ever.



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