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Why Do Beautiful Women Fall For Ugly Men?

We’ve all seen this. A beautiful woman arm in arm with a not so handsome man. It evokes the jealousy of men and the contempt of many women.  After all, it is “obvious” that it’s not about love, and that the woman is just “using” the man. Surely, it’s just an act. But is it? 

Even in cases where the woman is successful and seems more affluent than her beloved, the reaction can be brutal.  A recent example is the singer Lorde who dated an ordinary looking photographer who's eight years her senior.  The vitriol was everywhere especially since she called the members of One Direction ugly.

So why do beautiful women fall for ugly men?

Fame. Today it is not uncommon for septuagenarian rock stars to date girls in their 20s or even teens. These musicians from the 60s and 70s proudly show off their latest, nubile girlfriends. Sure, rock stars have always been attractive to women. But  age has ravaged their youthful looks and are now wrinkled versions of their peak.  It wasn’t much of an issue then as the rockers were young and there were groupies always waiting for them. Plus usually the rockers were not bad-looking.  Nowadays,  it’s like a teenaged girl decided to date her grandpa’s buddies from the nursing home. And this is not confined to music.  This happens with artists, athletes, actors, etc.

Money. For most people this is the simplest explanation. It is also the laziest but makes the most sense. An ugly guy with a lot of money has a war chest to court the girl. He can use the funds to buy expensive gifts for her and her family.  If the girl is struggling financially, his resources can bring her comfort and peace of mind. In extreme cases, a struggling startup founder suddenly gets a model for a girlfriend almost as soon as he sells his company and makes his first billion dollars. No guarantee of happy ever after, though as the Eagles once sang.

Power. Power is sexy. In Netflix’s comedy, “The Norsemen” one of the women falls in love with whoever becomes chieftain. This love quickly disappears when the guy is ousted and affection is transferred to his successor. In many countries, it is not uncommon for older politicians to be linked to young women. One of America’s most notorious political scandals involved a sitting president and a beautiful intern. The politician escaped relatively unscathed, while the intern’s life was made miserable by media.

Insecurity. Some beautiful girls don’t think they are beautiful at all. Sad. In some cases, this is even a recipe for abuse.

Need for control. Some women believe (or hope) that ugly guys are naturally more subservient. They feel that the guy should consider himself lucky that she’s even spending time with him. This makes her confident that she can impose her will on her lover.  We all know, though that this is a recipe for a breakup. 

Victim of their success. Some women become so successful that men are intimidated. Same with women who are too beautiful.  The lovely Jennifer Love Lewitt once said that she couldn’t get a date as guys are too intimidated to ask her out. Eventually some women end up lowering their standards.

Humor. A few years ago, pop superstar Katy Perry married comic Russell Brand.  The explanation in social media was that Perry fell for Brand’s humor, which we don’t know for sure. It is no secret, though, that one of the easiest way to seduce a woman is to make her laugh.  Laughing releases feel-good hormones. One result is your blood vessels are more dilated when you laugh, resulting in the more efficient flow of oxygen to your organs. This makes people feel much better.  And it is likely that the girl associates the feel-good experience with the person who makes her laugh. This feel-good effect of laughter is the exact opposite of heartbreak which comes close to extreme pain. Plus if you’re a girl, who would you choose: the one who makes you laugh or the one who makes you cry?

Love. Finally, it is possible that, despite our cynicism, beautiful women do fall for ugly men. Women have the ability to look beyond physical looks.  If a man can be sincere and make her feel special and safe, there’s a good chance that he gets the girl.

Do you agree with our reasons? Would you like to add more? Enter your comments below. 


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