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This section contains posts about love. You will read insights about loving, dying, caring, moving on. 


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Blog Posts

Hold The Line
Nowadays people are singing along to Africa, an 80s’ era hit from the band Toto.  And rightly so: it has[...]
Her Secret
I have a friend-let’s call her Venus.She is smart--she is a lawyer. She is feisty--she refuses to be bound by[...]
Why Do Beautiful Women Fall For Ugly Men?
We’ve all seen this. A beautiful woman arm in arm with a not so handsome man. It evokes the jealousy[...]
When Should You Love Her?
When should you love her?Love when it is difficult, not convenientLove her even when she refuses to talk to youLove[...]
Can You Die Of A Broken Heart?
Have you ever had a broken heart? Then you know crushing grief that smothers your chest, fills you with pain,[...]
Are You Ready To Love Again?
Are you ready to love again? Love, like life, is all about second chances. It is always there. It might[...]

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